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About Me

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Maria and I'm EMJO :)

The signature EMJO was created a long time ago when I started taking photos for Absolute Skating , using the first and the last letters of my full name, Eva Maria Jangbro. This idea I "copied" from my dad who was an architect and signed his drawings with ENJO. Dad is also the reason for me getting interested in photography. He had 10 cameras, I thought that was crazy, now I know better.

So why did I choose figure skating as my main focus as a photographer ?

For me, figure skating is a true art and at the same time an amazing exciting sport. I try to catch that special feeling it gives the spectator through my eyes and lens.

In 2015 I was very happy to be the OC photographer at the ISU European Championships in Stockholm. In 2021 I was again chosen to be the OC photographer, this time at the ISU World Championships in Stockholm.

I've been a photographer (and journalist) for the website Absolute Skating since 2004.

My photos have not only been published on the Absolute Skatings website but they have also  been published in for ex;


2006 Proximus on Ice booklet

2013 Art on Ice booklet

Newspaper articles and magazines national and international

Japanse Fuji TV 


/ Maria

Innehar F-skattesedel

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